The Realm of Crystal Magick

Within the earth there are a number of beautiful and powerful tools we can apply in our life for various degrees of healing, magick and inspiration.  In actuality everything from the leaves on the trees to the sand that feels so good beneath our feet holds a powerful key to bringing tangible magick to life, but for the purpose of this little article I am excited to focus on a topic that was recently discussed at our past Feminine Magick RetreatThe Realm of Crystal Magick.

Now if you are anything like me you have an innate love for shiny objects – I confess to being distracted by sparkles, glimmering lights and radiant shimmers –  inspiring a natural love for the realm of crystals.  However, what you may not realize, is that these stunning gifts from the earth are more than just luminescent tokens of the natural realm, they in fact hold an incredible amount of power.  From affecting deep healing within certain organs, cleansing clutter from our minds, balancing our energies to enhancing our abilities to manifest, crystals are a core component of the toolkit of a feminine life magician.

So how do we get started in working within The Realm of Crystal Magick? Let me begin by putting your analytical mind at ease… No you don’t need to memorize that giant reference dictionary found on the shelves of most metaphysical and spiritual bookstores.  Although understanding the basic crystals and how they can influence you is important, it is not crucial, in fact the core starting point is within you!

Selecting Your Crystals: Explore, Experience, Effect:

The first step to begin working with the realm of crystal magick? – Explore!  Picture yourself as an adventurer where crystal shops are akin to your recently discovered lands.  Pick a few stores that specialize in crystal sales (e.g. if you are in the Vancouver area – check out The Crystal Ark or Vikings, Dragons & Fairies), take a deep breath and enter in through the door as if you are stepping into a new realm.  Allow yourself to admire the various stones and don’t worry too much about their meaning… just yet.

The second step – Experience!  In this exciting new land of crystals, begin to play, pick up the stones that seem to draw you in.  Now remember, it’s not about how the crystals look, but how they feel.  In other words, allow your heart to lead you, you may notice that although a certain pink (rose) quartz is pleasing to your eyes, it is in fact a deep blue stone (lapis) that is calling to your heart.

The third step – Effect!  Select a few crystals that ignite your heart the most and place them together on the counter.  Most crystal stores are passionate about helping you select the perfect pieces for you with this in mind ask the clerk to help you:  close your eyes, take a deep breath and have her/him pass you each stone in turn.  As you hold the crystal breathe in deeply and notice the effect it has on  your system.  Just feel it… connect with it… you will know instantly if it is working with your unique energy.

A few things to ask yourself:

1) How does this stone make me feel?
2) Does it seem to affect my physical, my emotional, my mental or my spiritual body?  Remember it can indeed impact many aspects of your selves.
3) What does this crystal seem to do for me?  E.g. Does it feel like it enhances my spiritual knowing or balances out my stress levels?

Once you have gone through this process, you may then wish to discover the “technical” use for your chosen stone.  I use the word “technical” as although there are basic formulas for each crystal and how to use them, always remember that how a quartz works with your system may be very different from your neighbor.

For those who have fallen in love with a crystal, had it lovingly wrapped and are bringing it home a few tips:

1) Cleanse the stone to ensure the energy is clear.  A simple way to accomplish this is by bathing it in salt water, storing it in sea salts or allowing it to sit out under a full moon.
2) Once clear, sit with your stone and set an intention.  Relaxing into meditation, hold your crystal and repeat an affirmation for it sending your focus into it’s core.
3) Make the most of your stone.  Depending on your unique reasoning for using a crystal you can wear it, keep it next to your bed, in your office or use by holding or sitting next to you during your meditation.
4) Remember to clear your crystals on a regular basis, especially after using for any intense work.  E.g. if you have utilized Aventurine (a beautiful green stone) to help heal your Heart Chakra by working with it through meditation and visualizations (or ritual), then once you are done utilize the above technique (#2) to cleanse the stone before you work with it again.
5) Step into the cycle of giving and receiving.  Crystals are like magnets towards those who need them and often start feeling “empty” when we have completed working with them.  You may find that certain ones will remain yours for a lifetime, while others will feel powerful to you for a few months and once you’ve evolved past the place you are in the stone may feel “lifeless”, this is when it is time to perhaps give it to someone else that you know will benefit from its properties.

Finally a few (of the thousands of) basic crystals with serious mojo!

Lapis Lazuli: Incredible for the Throat & Third Eye Chakra, gorgeous blue Lapis is a powerful stone to help us in speaking our truth as well as connecting into the Spiritual realms.  If you are ready to step out into the world and share your voice or would like to build a deeper relationship with your spiritual self and guides, this is a great stone for you!

Quartz:  The most popular and basic of all crystals, clear Quartz is great for all of the Chakras as it is simply an amplifier, balancer and transmitter.  If you would like to boost your energy, enhance your manifestations or boost your healing abilities, Quartz is a great addition to your toolkit.

Malachite:  Working to stimulate your Heart & Throat Chakras, Malachite is a beautiful deep green powerful stone that can help us draw out past wounds and finally be free of them.  It is also recognized as crystal of abundance acting as a magnet for both potential and financial rewards.  If you are looking to heal your past and/or create a prosperous future Malachite is calling you!

The Realm of Crystal Magick is immense and holds a dynamic range of possibilities, the above is just to get you started!  I would love to how you use crystals, which are your favorites or any questions you may have!

Much Love,

Spiritual Hedonist

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