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We believe the weight of your wallet should never dictate your ability to grow and build on that juicy love affair with life… that is why we offer a unique (and ever expanding) library of Free Tools. From tips, worksheets, fun inspirational products to meditations this area is chock full of things to boost your beautiful Inner Goddess and continue to embrace your life with mystic living.

So remember to check back often, or even better signing up for the monthly toolkit that will keep your personal library full of Free and yet invaluable resources.



Affirmation Creation Worksheet

A key to truly effective manifesting is your affirmation. If you’re unsure how to get started structuring one that will bring you measurable results (or just want to ensure yours is at it’s ultimate), then this worksheet will walk you through the process and leave you with your personal effective affirmation.
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A Meditation Exercise to Receive Direction on which Projects/Pathways are Optimal for You 

Ever find yourself in those moments where there is too much to do and you’re not sure where to begin? Or perhaps your head is spinning with potential and possiblities yet you’re not certain where to invest your energy? The following is an amazing meditation experience that brings you clarity in direction.
Download the PDF. 


Increasing Your Sexual Bliss through Mindfulness

The Sexy Side of Mindfulness is a fun, flavorful and fantastic tool to add a splash of spice to your daily life and bedroom exploits.  It includes a full meditation for mindfulness and ideas on how to bring this experience into your private moments.
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Uncovering Your Sizzling Sexy Self

It’s time ladies to stop shying away from those delectabe fantasies floating around in the back of your mind, to fire up that libido and explore your authentic Sizzling Sexy Diva!  This fun exercise will walk you through glimpsing inwards at your kinkiest, naughtiest and yummiest self… (blushing is allowed but judgment must vacate the premises!).
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Meditation Journal (All Meditation Coaching Clients Please Download)

Keeping track of your meditation and journey experiences is an integral aspect of improving your practice as well as a key to learning the language of your Soul. This sample meditation journal will get you started.  (Don’t worry you don’t need to complete it each time, but it is beneficial in the beginning of your practice).
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Discovering & Working with Your Unique Soul Song

In the beginning there was a sound. Finding and Playing with Your Song honors your Soul, saying “I’m listening, I hear You!”…. I love “You/Me/Us!”.  It creates a much deeper bond within and a more profound sense of self awareness.  Plus it is a great fun way to discover more about you, your spirit and allow your “selves” to dance together.
Download the PDF.