Mind~Energy Detox & Makeover

We know that our bodies can become polluted from too much junk food, chemicals and even air pollution and many of us take the time to cleanse our systems, whether it be as simple as a break from too many sugars or a full blown proper cleanse.

Just like our bodies our minds and energetic systems can also become overrun with outside pollutants: from societal conditions, negative perspectives, other peoples energies (and much more…). Caring for the health of our minds and auric fields is a crucial component to functioning clearly and being able to smoothly glide our way through life without the burdens and weight of mental/emotional/energetic toxins.

The Mind~Energy Detox & Makeover Package:  
4 weeks in length we work with you to:
–  detox your mind and energy bodies (energy exercises, visualizations, meditation work and hands on activities)
– reformulate your mental processing habits into more effective methods
– introduce new techniques for dealing with stress, fears and negative thought patterns

This is one stunning experience
… that affects all layers of yourself.  As you detox your mind/energy your entire physical system responds in turn creating a beautiful radiating shift from your internal self to your physical reflection.


Popular Package:  4 weeks – 2 x 1hour sessions, 2 x 20 min followup sessions
Price: $390
Delivery: Sessions are delivered by phone.
Exercises & Tools: Exercises, tools and activities will be sent to you by email.

Let’s get started!  info@spiritualhedonist.me