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Savour a Love Affair with Life

Ontario Events 2012

Ontario Events 2012


We are thrilled to be back in Ontario by popular demand! In addition to offering Private Sessions we are hosting an exciting schedule of live experiential workshops and events:


Ontario Events Schedule:

Bayfield, Ontario Live Workshops & Events (Starting in June 2012):
Sunday Soul Salons – Workshops on Living a Spiritually Hedonistic Life
Authentic Sexuality Workshop - Uncovering the Sizzling Sexy Being Within
Mind/Energy Detox Workshop – Detoxing & Revitalizing Your Mind/Energy Systems
**Special Event** – The Oracle Ritual Live Channeling
Kitchener Ontario Live Workshops & Events (Starting in July 2012):
Introduction to Sexuality – (re) Igniting the Authentic Sexual Spark Within
Proud Sexuality Series – Unlocking & Savoring Your Authentic Sexual Self
Sizzling Chakras – A Sensual Journey to Sexual Bliss through the Chakras
We will also be in Toronto, Hamilton and London offering private group events.
If you are interested in organizing something for your community (min gathering size of 6) then please contact us.

For those interested in a very intimate experience, please check out Private Sessions or set up a FREE Revealing Session.

Check out our Our Teaching Style

Ritual: Passing through Cosmic Gateway

Sunday Soul Salons:
Every 2nd & 4th Sunday; 1pm – 3pm

Upcoming Topics:
Sunday, June 24th – Chakras – Explore the Effects of these Swirling Energy Centres within Your System and Ways to Clear and Keep them Healthy
Sunday, July 8th: Your Cosmic Support Team – An Afternoon Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides
Sunday, July 22nd: Past Lives – Uncover A Few of Your Own Past Lives through a Group Regression
Sunday, August 12th: Sigil & Symbol Magick – Learn what Sigils are and Discover how to Use them In Your Life for Manifesting Change
Sunday, August 26th: Full Moon Ritual – Learn how to Create & Perform a Beautiful Effective Full Moon Ritual

Each workshop is done in a hands on, interactive environment fueled with amazing tools, humor and inspiration.

Date:  Every 2nd & 4th Sunday
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Location:  On the Lake at Bayfield, Ontario (Full Address Provided Upon Registration)
Cost:  $45
Register: or call (519) 955-1355

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Unleash Your Sexy Spirited Diva

Authentic Sexuality:  Uncover the Sizzling Sexy Diva Within (This One’s for the Ladies!)

Did you know that you, yes you, have a Sizzling Sexy Diva Within? This workshop will help you connect into that energy and start to savor blissed out confident sexuality.

What You Will Achieve:
- Discover and Celebrate Your Authentic Sexual Self
- Uncover any “negative” self-perspectives & conditionings (& tools to release them)
- Free yourself to be able to embrace your entire being (for how can you love all of You, if you are ignoring aspects of your self?)
- Begin to love your body, the bliss it brings, the journeys it takes you on and allow your inner Sexual Diva to shine through it illuminating your physical from the inside out.

Through visualizations, trance work, hands on creative projects (mask making) and movement you will become proud of your authentic sexuality.

This workshop series (2 Thursday evenings) will create a tangible change in the relationship with yourself, your body and your partner/spouse/lover(s). Undeniably as you become more confident and aware of your sexual authentic being… your inner life and outer experiences will open up to in all areas.

Date:  Thursdays – July 12th, 2012
Time: 1pm – 3:30pm
Location: On the Lake at Bayfield, Ontario (Full Address Provided Upon Registration)
Cost: $55
Register: or call (519) 955-1355

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Ancient Ritual to Life the Veil of Time & Space

The Oracle Ritual

An ancient tradition going back eons The Oracle’s Ritual brings you the opportunity to join others in a very special event.  During a live ritual, you will experience an ancient tradition of calling in the elements, protecting sacred space, forming a circle and witness Alessandra enter a state of trance that literally transforms her entire being.

As her Oracle side steps forward, the live channeling portion begins – Alessandra will open to answer any question you have brought with you.  Each participant will have the opportunity to receive direction and insight into (at least) one inquiry.

She will then open up Spiritual Discussion around Feminine Magick, Cosmic Flow and Life Experiences, inviting you to ask or share thoughts.

The evening ends with Alessandra guiding everyone through a trance meditation and closing the circle.

This is a sacred experience and one we ask that you enter with an open heart and mind.

June Event:
Date:  Friday, June 29th
Friday, July 23rd, 2012
Time: 8pm – 10:00pm
Location: On the Lake at Bayfield, Ontario (Full Address Provided Upon Registration)
Cost: $45
Register: or call (519) 955-1355

July Event:
Date: Friday, July 23rd, 2012
Time: 8pm – 10:00pm
Location: On the Lake at Bayfield, Ontario (Full Address Provided Upon Registration)
Cost: $45
Register: or call (519) 955-1355
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Mind Detox; Radiate From the Inside Out

Mind/Energy Detox Workshop

Just like our bodies our minds and energetic systems can also become overrun with outside pollutants… from societal conditions, negative perspectives, other peoples energies (and much more…) Caring for the health of our minds and auric fields is a crucial component to functioning clearly and being able to smoothly glide our way through life without the burdens and weight of mental/emotional/energetic toxins.

During this seminar you will:
- learn how our minds/energies become polluted
- gain meditations, mind mapping and techniques for Mind Detoxing
- obtain visualizations, exercises and tools for Energy Detoxing
- be introduced to a process for clearing your system
- discover ways to protect your system

This is one stunning experience… that affects all layers of yourself, for as you detox your mind/energy your entire physical system responds in turn creating a beautiful radiating shift from your internal self to your physical reflection.

Date:  Sunday, Augustth, 2012
Time: 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Location:  On the Lake, Bayfield, Ontario (Full Address Provided Upon Registration)
Cost:  $65
Register: or call (519) 955-1355


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Introduction to Sexuality
Begin a sensual journey into your sexual self, diving into the red hot root of your sexuality and learning how to share it with pride in the world around.

Divided into 3 core areas
1) Discovering Your Sexual Energy,
2) Releasing Negative Self Talk  and
3) Expressing Your Authentic Sizzling Self with Confidence,

..this Introductory Seminar will take you through a variety of fun and simple exercises to begin living a life of sensual bliss!  (Rest Assured, Sharing is optional and we respect all boundaries).


Date:  September 15th, 2012
Time: 10am – 12:00pm
Hosted by:  The Hive and Grove, Kitchener, 226 Frederick Street
Cost:  $40
Register: or call (519) 955-1355


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Proud Authentic Sexuality Sunday Series (every 2nd Sunday of the Month)
Join us for a delicious series running every 2nd Sunday a month and explore one of the most delectable (and often daunting) aspects of our being – sexuality – in a safe and completely non-judgemental setting.  Whether you’d like to take baby steps or a dive into the world of sensual wonders and the power of the creative forces within you, this series is designed to help you uncover and develop pride in your authentic sexuality.

Topic samples include a range from:
- (re) igniting your sexual spark,
- healing and revitalizing your sexual self,
- releasing fears that stand in your way of orgasmic bliss,
- exploring your inner fantasy world (don’t worry sharing is strictly optional ;-) ) to
- discovering ways to bring erotic sizzle to life, maximize pleasure and relish it’s incredible healing effects.
and much more!

From solitary explorations to a world beyond Tantra learn how to savor and confidently exchange this incredibly beautiful and potent force in your life.


Date:  2nd Sunday each month
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Hosted by:  The Hive and Grove, Kitchener, 226 Frederick Street
Cost:  $30
Register: or call (519) 955-1355


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Sizzling Chakras

Climb that deliciously delectable ladder within you, The Chakras, and discover the bliss of your sexuality and sexual self.
The Sizzling Chakras program uses the ancient system of spiraling energies found within our form as a ladder of personal discovery, sexual uncovering and unleashing of the sensual self. The Chakras are a powerful tool of self-knowledge and cosmic connectiveness, while sexuality (in all its forms) can not only be a blissed out experience, but also a gateway to deeper connections with ourselves, our chosen partner(s) and (if you wish) the cosmic realm.

This playful yet highly powerful  workshop, will help you remove blocks from your sexual being standing in the way of your physical, mental, emotional sexual bliss (orgasms are yours to have!),  (re)discover a sense of joy in sexual experience(s), release old conditionings and bring in a new level of understanding, confidence and fulfillment in the sexual being of you.

During this seminar you will:
- (re) discover your own sexual energy (heal, work and play within it)
- recognize and remove fears that stand in your way of sexual bliss
- release negative self talk and thought patterns that inhibit  your confidence
- empower your sexual self to savor the gift of sex in this life

Date:  Thursday, November 1st, 2012 for 8 weeks
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Length:  2 hour per week x 8 weeks
Hosted by:  The Hive and Grove, Kitchener, 226 Frederick Street
Cost:  $290
Register: or call (519) 955-1355


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Teaching is a Passion; Armand & Alessandra

Our Teaching Style:

Teaching is a passion that has fueled our personal learning and expansion; to create a facilitation and style that bathes your system with knowledge and allows it to effortlessly assimilate the new tools and wisdom into mind/body/soul and life. We never preach but teach and always focus on lasting rewards (no rah rah fleeting weekends).


A Special Promise to You:
- You will always receive time for personalized support.
- You will always have hands on learning teaching you how to apply the tools in your life.
- You will always gain take home tools that you can refer back to as a personal resource.
- You will always benefit from experiential activities, the only real way to create lasting change.
- You will always enjoy the opportunity to share (with no pressure, only when you are ready).
- You will always be supported unconditionally, without judgment or bias.
- You will always break a smile, laugh and feel loved.

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