Full Moon Magick & Feminine Mojo

It’s a full moon ladies! and a superior time to embrace the idea that you, sensational Goddess, can can create your life, rid yourself of blocks and manifest a life you love.

Yes… it’s time to bring that feminine mojo to the table and set yourself free to be and achieve in the coming cycle.

Since the moon shone down on our ancient Mamas, Sisters and Friends it has lent itself to a sublime cycle of Feminine Magick, gifting us with its radiant energy as a guideline (and spirit booster) for flowing through this earthly existence.

As a New Moon lends its magick to creating new projects, starting new endeavors and bringing in new energies, the full moon is all about release, clearing and opening to what that big delicious diva destiny may display on your path next, or… to what consciously manifested goals your Divine Inner Goddess in partnership with your conscious mind would like to birth in to your life.

A full moon is an ideal point to let go of the fears, which have hitched a ride in your psyche.
To say “no more!” to those negative thoughts which have implanted into our mind, causing our thoughts to do more back flips than a performance of cirque du soleil.
And to bid “adieu” to those hindering habits which hold up big stop signs on our path forward, causing detours, bumps in the road and sometimes a full turnaround.

This Silver Lunar phase is also a boosted time for protection rituals, divination, planning and beginning intention setting.

Now, to the yummy bits, A Ritual For You… how do you apply this in your life? Although I am a confessed lover of ritual, it is not for everyone, and when you are first starting out (and flying solo for those first few dances with moon magick) you may wish to use a simple yet beautifully effective approach, so let me give you a brief moon magick practice which I have witnessed bring undeniable results:

– Set aside time for yourself today (or this evening), be sure it is uninterrupted.
This is a sacred point on your path for you, so shut off TVs, PCs and yes even phones (and no ladies, putting it on vibrate doesn’t count!)

– Create a very clear intention. What are you planning on doing this evening? Is it releasing a fear? A burdensome thought pattern? Negative habit? Is it cutting energetic chords with past friends, colleagues, lovers? Is it simply clearing your energy and opening to what is coming? Or perhaps setting solid plans into place and sending it out on streams of magick so your guides can run with it and make it real?

Be sure to be clear, write it down, then trim it down again and into 2 formats.
One releasing statement: “I am no longer.. or … does not weigh me down anymore…”
One positive solidifying statement: “I am…”
“You want to be able to say it out loud clearly, proudly and with no confusion or hesitation.

– Find 3 candles and if possible incense or sage. I often use candle magick so have colored candles all around the house, but this is not necessary. A white candle is pure and effective, even tealights will carry the flame of your personal magick.

Once you have the candles sit a moment, take a few breaths and set the intention that they will light the spiritual fire and illuminate the path to your goals. Breathe in and out holding each one 3 times, you can say “This candle will spark the fire that will aid me in…” fill in with your intention.

– Choose your space where you will do your ritual. It can be anywhere, I love being outside so will use one of our sacred circles in the backyard. However, any room will do.

If you have sage or incense on hand, clear the space. Simply light it, and walk through with the conscious thought that you are clearing out any negative energies and creating a sacred spot for you.

– (If possible) Set up the space, select where you will sit, place your candles in front (without lighting them), place a (wine)glass near the candles, then leave the room with no one using it until your ritual is done. If this is not possible (some have roommates, big families…) no worries, clear the space and set up right before your ritual.

~~ Break. Go about your day, or if you are ready it’s time to prep yourself for your date with the Silver Goddess. ~~~

– Time to shut off the electronics, remember no cellphones.

– Prepare yourself for a date with your Inner Diva, imagine you’re about to give Destiny a big smooch on the lips and you want to feel Divine. Have a shower, or a bath, if you don’t have time, wash your face and your hands. Be conscious, be excited, be fueled with passion for what you are about to do. This is Feminine Magick and it’s fun, luminous and (whether you know it yet or not) is innate to you.

You don’t need to get dressed up, although in the rituals I teach to women, I do find it makes a difference to “get changed” before hand to feel that we wrapped ourselves in whatever fabric makes us feel beautiful, powerful and mystical. Ladies wear everything from evening attire, velvet cloaks, yoga gear to even just simple moonlight.

– Breathe 5 times before you enter your space, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Feel your energy building with your breath, a fire is starting in your belly, that is your sacred spark.

I find stretching my arms up over head with my breath and bringing them down into prayer in front of the heart or extended open outwards enhances the tangible energy flow.

– Enter your space. Feel the room, scent the area. There is magick in waiting here.

Walk the room or space in a circle clockwise. Three times around, focused on your breathing, and knowing that you are consciously creating a safe protection circle. Don’t think too hard, don’t worry about semantics, just walk, breath, enjoy, relax and feel. If it helps, say with each breath within your mind Inhale: I am fully present and in my power. Exhale: I release out any negative energies and am protected.

– Before you step into the circle, stop, take one more breath and honor yourself. Many students will say out loud during our practice: “I am my Divine Essence, I am here in this moment, I am beauty in this body and I step into this circle whole. I am power”.

– Step into the space in front of your candles and sit or kneel. Enjoy for a moment being in this wonderful blissed out space you have created for yourself.

– Light a candle with joy for yourself and what you are creating. You may say: “Fire divine I invite you in to join me on this journey to a lighter way of being.”

– Sit back and relax. Breathe. Within your head or out loud express your intention through your first releasing statement: “I am releasing … or I no longer experience… I no longer desire… I am free from… I no longer have chords with…” Breathe again, relax, feel your self opening and letting go. You may wish to extend your hands outwards palms open or even push the energy away from you (hands in front facing forward, exhaling and pushing your palms away).

– Light your next candle, and if you wish say “Full moon Sister I invite you to join me in this space, illuminate the path I am creating so I may walk freely supported forward”

– Sit back and relax again. Breathe. Say your solidifying statement with power out loud.

– Breathe with this 5 times and feel the support of the energies around you.

– Light your last candle and thank yourself and all energies involved. If you felt the presence of others such as your guides, past on loved ones, even the elements (fire, water, earth, air, spirit) or the moon, thank them all.

– Smile outwardly and inwardly. Sit as long as you like in this space. Enjoy it. Relish it.

– Take a sip of wine/water/juice from your glass. Feel that you are connecting with and toasting the Divine around and within you.

When you are done, leave the room, if you can don’t clean it up right away. Let it sit closed off. If this is not possible then take a few moments outside the room, feeling it settle then go back in and tidy up.

Don’t turn out the candles. Try and allow them to burn themselves out.

Relax. You may feel like your flying, that your system is high, and it is… your magick is flowing and change is undeniably taking place. Allow and celebrate it.

Although it may look long on paper, in reality this simple and effective ritual is very easy to follow…. Please feel free to adjust as you need or feel fit; ritual should feel right to you, never forced, it may take you out of a comfort zone that the mind has created but never one of the heart.

If you are interested in learning more about rituals, please let me know. We offer retreats for women to discover how to develop and practice ritual in their lives, some open ended and other focused on specific topics such as ritual for career enhancement or change. It’s fun, tangibly powerful and a sublime experience. It brings us in touch with a deep delicious aspect of our feminine selves many of us have forgotten or perhaps were never taught existed.

Our next upcoming Ritual Retreat will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico at our Temple Retreat (the land of enchantment…) through New Years.
We will be focused on bringing in the New Year with a drum roll and red carpet… starring “you” with a sizzling co star of “your dreams” and directed by “your essence”. It’s going to be feminine magick and power hitting the earthly roof and blowing the lid off so we can touch the cosmos. We will learn about ritual, trance meditation, create tools that you can take home to use in your own practice, we will visit mineral hot springs to do a clearing meditation and ancient sites to connect with other leading ladies that came before us and finally we will topple down barriers with a true ritual performed around a fire circle on shamanic chosen land. You will unleash the Powerhouse within you and step into the New Year with courage, absolute truth and the unfoldment of your dreams already in action.

$750 (including everything, if you are coming with a girlfriend it is $650 per person). December 30th – January 2nd. All food, accommodations and tools included. You just need to bring your sensational selves. Space is really limited and I have not yet posted this on my actual website giving you a first space… (we keep these groups to a small size for intimacy and comfort) so please reserve your spot early.

To learn more, email me and I will send you a detailed schedule and outline. If you are interested in holding your space it is a $200 deposit.

I am so excited to kick start this year with you!

Much Love,


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