Core Areas & Overview

It’s time to start living a life that makes you smile each morning when you wake…
& sigh peacefully each evening you fall asleep.

It’s time to Savor a Sensational Love Affair with Life through the Senses of Your Spirit.

The Spiritual Hedonist Life Path Program – an empowering Group Coaching and Mentoring system that will completely change your life in to one you love.



Structure – 3 Core Components:
1) Waking Up Your Spirit – Knowing the Authentic You & Reconnecting with Your Soul Self
2) Spiritual Mysticism – Learning About Tangible Mystic Arts and How to Benefit from them in Life (E.g Intuition, Meditation, Ritual, Manifestation, Lucid Dreaming)
3) Sculpting Your Life – From Career, Relationships, Intimacy, Prosperity into One that Fulfills You in All Ways

What to Expect:

Imagine, re-sculpting yourself and your life into a bliss bringing experience.
That is the rewards of the Spiritual Hedonist Life Path Program – we will makeover your entire being, empower your Soul to take charge & create an amazing life!

Benefits & Lasting Rewards – You Will:
– Detox Your Mind & Energy Fields
– Reconnect & Realign You with Your Soul & Life Path
- Get Rid of Fears & Negative Patterns
– Learn to Effectively Express Yourself with Pride
- Create a Healthy Relationship between You & Your Physical Form
– Reveal & Gain Confidence in Your Authentic Sexuality
– (Re)Engage Your Creative Spark
– Unveil Your Unique Mystic Gifts & Learn How to Apply Them in Life
– Become Familiar with Tangible Mysticism (From Intuition, Ritual, Manifesting, Symbolism and More)
- Sculpt Your Reality Into One You Love (Creating fulfilling Relationships, Career, Health etc)
…all Living in Synch with Your Life Path & Always in Alignment with Your Spirit Self.


Ways to Engage:

The Spiritual Hedonist Program is divided into the above 3 modules (Waking Up Your Spirit, Spiritual Mysticism, Sculpting Life), each offered in a: 4 week online program , Intensive Retreat or through Private Mentoring. For those who wish – you can opt to take only 1 component, or combine them together for undeniably transformational results.

Our recommendation for most knowledge seekers and those desiring life change is to take the components in order as listed above – but truly it is up to you and that radiant Soul within. If you are stumped in how to proceed – contact us to set up a Free Revealing Session. We can help you get started and ensure you are on the optimal pathway for you.

During the Program You Also Receive:
– A Mini Soul Vision, providing clarity for your life path & (re)connect you with the Essence within.
– Email Open Exchange, for those moments you could use a boost of private support, a sounding board, or guidance. Just drop us an email.
– Spiritual Hedonist worksheets & workbook; from visual hand outs, mind maps to guides you will receive a dynamic range of tools.
– Guided Meditation & Visualizations in audio & video format; experience the power of hypnosis and trance using ancient to modern techniques.

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Equipped with a sparkling new tool belt bursting with profound self awareness
and bonda fide mystic tools, you will live a life you would never trade for any other
(and one you will look back on in future existences and say…
“damn that was me!”).

Spiritual Hedonist Methods & Philosophies…

Unique To Your Spiritual Fingerprint:
Although we employ everything from Ancient Traditions to Modern Methods…. the Spiritual Hedonist Life Path Program is designed in such a way that it works with your unique spiritual fingerprint.

What does that mean?
We are all so magnificently unique and to imagine that we can all utilize the exact same exercises in identical ways reduces us to a homogeneous existence, no thank you!

Instead, our program is not a mass produced cookie cutter conveyor belt of fleeting change… We celebrate your unique colors and work with them throughout, ensuring that you are empowered and your Spirit is radiating authentically. The Spiritual Hedonist program has been designed to use exercises and tools that mold to your specific spiritual fingerprint, ensuring you receive tangible results and Soul illuminating rewards that affect your internal being and external world.

We ensure that you are not only gaining theory, tools and techniques, but are literally experiencing personal alchemy – change that is obvious to your internal self, conscious mind and even those around you.

E.g. when we work on intimacy and relationships, we will be available to model the exercises and teachings for your specific life experience, whether you are in a relationship, drawing in a new partner or needing to heal from past wounds.

No Dogmas:

The techniques and methods employed during the Spiritual Hedonism program are not restricted to any tradition or philosophy. They are an amalgamation of tools that work, ideas that inspire and practices that empower.

We do not preach, nor teach any religion – our belief is that you are your best Spiritual Authority, that your Inner God/Goddess is also your Inner Guru, we offer a soul honouring dynamic range of absolutely affective approaches and tools.

A few sample of things you will experience and employ: meditation, mind detox, trancelucid, thought mapping, energy exercises, visualizations, soul vision sessions, soul recovery and much more.