Armand; the Magician & the Masculine to my Feminine

Ladies, meet the man who not only inspired a large portion of my personal growth, but has joined me in supporting, healing and empowering women around the globe. He is not only a gifted artist in the arena of inner change and inspiration (expert in modalities such as NLP, Hypnosis, Yoga Nidra), but also a brilliant man filled with incredible male essence, naturally honouring, appreciating and inspiring the feminine magick within each of us.

Together, we provide you a unique and powerful balance of male/female energies which are essential to creating and surrounding you in an embrace of safe space. (Don’t worry ladies, we still have our “girl only time” but we also get the amazing benefit of the male perspective, support, and inspiration!)


In Armand’s own words:
“Welcome and congratulations for finding yourself here. You’re journey is about to get a lot more exciting! The greatest art form is that of getting to really know yourself, your gifts and how to use them, creating perfect moments as you move through your life. Our goal is to equip, guide, support and inspire you in doing this.

After many years of hosting retreats around the world for hundreds of women (training them to be yoga teachers) in a fully immersive environment, I noticed that the teacher training often became secondary as the group (95% women) opened to explore their own personal and intimate struggles and triumphs. This allowed for me to connect and counsel with them as they moved through a new phase of their life (healing, growing, discovering). From these incredible experiences, I have realized the paramount necessity for women to have the opportunity, encouragement and support to delve into their strengths and Feminine Magick, freeing them to release any blocks and begin to live that life of bliss (that you all deserve!).

You can only imagine my excitement when I met Alessandra to discover her talents and work focus, not to mention her incredible femininity and magnetism. We invited each other to sit in on our sessions with clients to realize that running them together blending our talents and focusing on the unleashment of women, was a passion we wanted to share joyously. The results were simply mind blowing. Client feedback was the proof. Tangible permanent change followed and our direction crystalized. You can now experience this process yourself and I am incredibly excited for you because you have no idea what’s coming up. It’s like me happily knowing the contents of a gift which you have not yet unwrapped. I assume that we all like getting gifts. ;-)

Just to give you an idea on my technical resume, I have more than two decades of experience in the metaphysical realm with qualifications and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psych-K, Hypnosis, Lucid Dreaming, Hatha and Tantra Yoga and Chaos Magick. I’ve also created and successfully ran a variety of businesses including Canada’s first Federally Accredited and recognized College for Yoga teacher training. My current external teaching position is at the Entheos Academy in California, where I offer, along with Alessandra a variety of online life unleashing courses. If you are curious about my other areas of interest and specialty please visit my blog.

I am honoured to be using my skills and experience to assist you in your discoveries and Aha! moments.”

Warmest Regards,